Welcome to Dandy

Come as you are.

Dandy is a place where you feel good arriving and even better walking out.

This isn’t a private club where you need VIP passes to get in. We want you to come in your pajamas if that is what makes you comfortable.

That’s just Dandy.

Polish and refine the splendor you never knew you had!

We are the purveyors of fine products, beauty prescriptions and refined practices to cultivate elegant transformations.

Skill, talent, expertise and passion.

Each visit will be an experience.

We are passionate about giving our team continued inspiration and education to ensure that we are leaders in progressive fashion and beauty. This means that every Dandy guest will have an experience with a passionate Artist who can share new ideas and insight and design a look and service that is just right for you.

What to expect.

When you arrive, you will be given a locker, slippers, and a comfortable robe to wear between treatments. You may place your valuables in the locker for safekeeping.

After showing you to your private treatment room, your therapist will step out, allowing you to replace your robe with a towel or sheet. Throughout treatment, you will be draped to protect your privacy.

For your convenience, all treatment times include assessment, preparation, and education.

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