There are plenty of parking options for you!


You can park in the building’s parkade, which is located on the south side of the building (Whyte Ave) between 111 and 112 Streets. Once in the parkade, you can access the salon spa through the backdoor at the southeast corner of the parkade 

The parkade cost is $2.50/half hour. Pay machines accept all forms of payment. You can also use the hangTag app to pay for parking. The lot number is 434 College Plaza.

Meter Parking

City of Edmonton meter parking is on the south side of the building (Whyte Ave) until 3:00 pm. 

Free Parking

You can find free street parking at the following locations:

  • Whyte Ave between 109 and 111 Streets on the NORTH side of the road
  • Whyte Ave between 109 and 111 Streets on the SOUTH side of the road until 3:30 pm
  • 111 Street between Whyte Ave and 81 Ave, free for two hours
  • 111 Street between 83 Ave and Whyte Ave on the EAST side of the street, free for two hours.

If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we need a full 48 hours’ notice to avoid any charges.

Cancellations also forfeit any gift certificate or voucher used to make the booking.

Clients who are unable to make their appointments have these options:

  • 48 hours or more notice: services will be cancelled without charge
  • Less than 48 hours’ notice: 50 per cent of package or service price will be required
  • No notice: the entire package or service price will be required

If you have a last minute emergency that requires you to cancel a service, please contact us at the salon spa to discuss options.

You can find our full cancellation policy HERE.

Please note that our prices subject to change without notice



We consider many factors when creating a colour quote. Variables such as your hair texture, density, hair colour history, hair integrity, and other factors all inform your colour quote. By taking this time up front, we can provide you with the best service, maintain the health of your hair, and avoid any financial surprises.

We understand life can be hectic. That’s why we’re happy to provide virtual consultations if you’re unable to come in. Let us know when you call for your booking.



We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing and, for pedicures, open toed shoes/sandals.

Your light lunch will include veggies and dip with cheese and crackers (gluten-free crackers are available). You will also have a nut-free chocolate bar.

Please tell us about any allergies you have when you make your booking.

Like all of our services, your spa experience will be customized to meet your needs. If it is your first visit with us (welcome!), we also ask that you complete a pre-treatment/medical intake form to help ensure we’re taking the best possible care of you.

Please take a look at our cancellation policy. If your cancelation is last minute, please call us to discuss options.



We’re here to ensure you feel safe and cared for. Our massage therapists will adjust their practice based on your needs and comfort level.

We know peace of mind is important to you. That’s why all of our massage therapists are fully insured.

We offer direct billing with all insurance companies through Telus Health.



Waxing has many benefits over other methods of hair removal, such as shaving. Waxing offers longer lasting results and, when the hair does grow back, it is softer and less irritating.

With waxing, less hair grows back over time, and you will experience fewer ingrown hairs, less pain with each wax. As well, waxing can reduce pigmentation caused by shaving.

Your hair should be at least ¼ inch long (about the length of a grain of rice). Please do not shave or trim your hair for two weeks before your appointment. You should leave a minimum of four weeks between waxing appointments.

We will test a patch of hair to assess the removal percentage. Anything less than 95 per cent removal will mean rebooking your appointment to ensure you get the results you expect.